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10 Reasons Why ATM Cards Get Stuck In Machines

There are 10 Reasons Why ATM Cards Get Stuck In Machines. ATM cards are one of the most essential tools for bank transactions but they can be very frustrating when they get stuck in the machine. There are a few reasons why this happens. We discuss clearly in below.

What is ATM cards?

An ATM card is a card that gives you access to your bank account through an automated teller machine, or ATM. When you insert your ATM card into an ATM, the machine will read your card and give you options to withdraw cash, deposit cash, or transfer funds between accounts.

What is ATM machine?

An ATM machine is a machine that allows you to withdraw cash from your bank account. It is also known as a cash machine or an automated teller machine. ATM machines are typically found in banks, but they can also be found in other locations, such as gas stations and convenience stores. ATM machines usually require you to insert your bank card into the machine and enter your PIN number. Once you have done this, the machine will dispense cash for you to withdraw.

10 Reasons Why ATM Cards Get Stuck in Machines

1. Give Wrong PIN Third Times

One of the common reasons why ATM cards get stuck in machines is entering the wrong PIN third times. The first thing that comes up is that after you enter the ATM card you are asked to enter a four digit pin number, in case you enter the wrong pin number three times in a row, the transaction will be temporarily stopped or the card transaction will be blocked. Not possible Entering the wrong pin number for the fourth time will capture your card i.e. it will not come out of the machine and it will have to be collected from the branch later.

2. The Power Goes Out

While you are transacting, the ATM machine is word of caution if the power suddenly goes out and if the ATM machine from that ATM booth has no power backup option or they don’t have any electrical system but your card will be jammed.

3. Card not taken within 30 seconds of withdrawal

After withdrawing money, if the amount of money is a little more in the case that the amount is a little more we keep counting the money to check whether the money has come out correctly whether it is more or less. The general rules of ATM machines are that if you do not accept your card within 30 seconds the ATM machine will capture your card for the sake of your card security i.e. it will go back inside the machine and then it will not be possible to collect the card from the ATM machine. So if you don’t accept the card again within 30 seconds of withdrawing money, your card will be blocked by the ATM.

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4. Insert a Previously Blocked Card

If a previously blocked card is inserted in the ATM booth i.e. maybe you can’t find the card, you contact the bank or the bank’s call center and say that my card is not available in this case for your safety or for financial security block the card. Then they usually do things thinking about financial security. After you get the card if you don’t contact the bank that is or if you don’t unblock the blocked card or don’t activate it the card will be blocked.

5. Card Reader Hangs

The machine in the ATM booth where we insert the card there is a machine that reads our card, works with the card, that machine suddenly stops working, hangs, and the card is captured.

6. Inactive Card

One of the common reasons why ATM cards get stuck in machines is entering the inactive card. That is, you open an account and along with the account you take a debit card, so in many cases you open the account today, in many cases the card is issued as soon as the account is opened. But it is not active by the evening of that day or by the evening of the next working day, in which case the card is active. If the card is not active, in the inactive state is inserted into the machine it captures.

7. Close Card

In other words if you use a debit card against your account it is closed by contacting the branch, or usually a debit card has a fixed period of 5 years in different banks and there are different periods after which the card is closed. By contacting the branch we can renew again. Have to do auto renew in many cases.

Anyway if the card is closed for some reason or you lost your card you got a new card from the bank closed the previous card later found the card and then tried to see if the card works or not but the card gets captured. In this case there is no question of returning the closed card.

8. Broken or Defective Card

Suppose you put the card in the wallet the card gets broken or cracked due to keeping it in the wallet the part that is supposed to be read by the machine. This case you can’t withdraw money with the card. If the card is inserted into the machine the card gets stuck.

9. ATM Unsupported card

Most ATM machines are configured to serve certain services such as Visa, MasterCard or Amex cards. As you will see in front of any ATM machine that this ATM machine has a logo of what cards it supports If you insert a card that this machine does not support this machine is not configured for such a card your card will be blocked by the ATM machine.

10. Network fluctuation

If the network fluctuates due to bad weather or some other reason and cannot connect to the central system, it will be swallowed or blocked by the machine.


ATM cards can get stuck in machines for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: the card being inserted upside down, the machine not reading the card correctly, or the machine being out of money. If your ATM card does get stuck in a machine, try to remain calm and follow the instructions on what to do next that are provided by your bank.



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