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Disable Kaspersky Secure Connection Temporarily On Windows 10

Welcome to our website. Today we will show you how to disable Kaspersky secure connection temporarily on windows 10, for 5 minutes or 30 minutes or for one hour, for three hours in this way you can disable. Again, if you want, you can postpone it without mention any specific time. I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for five years. That is why I have brought this article for you today.

Read the article carefully, you will understand how you can temporarily disable Kaspersky. If Kaspersky is not disabled, you will see green color and green right mark in Kaspersky internet security app. If you disable Kaspersky, you’ll see red color and red cross marks in Kaspersky internet security app.

The reasons why we usually disable Kaspersky

1. When we download a crack file from internet, Kaspersky Internet security will not allow it to be downloaded. Although I know this file or document is very good and there is no virus in it and we need to download it anyway then we need to disable Kaspersky temporarily.

2. There are some websites which are not recognized or contain viruses, when we open these websites Kaspersky Internet Security will block these websites. If you think that at your own risk I have to sign in to all those sides then we need to disable Kaspersky. Also there could be many reasons. Let’s know how to disable kaspersky antivirus temporarily.

How to pause Kaspersky antivirus temporarily


To disable Kaspersky Antivirus, go to the taskbar of your Windows 10. Go to the taskbar and go to the hidden icon which looks like an up arrow. Click on that hidden icon. Then there you will see Kaspersky’s Right Mark. You click the Kaspersky’s Right Marks. Then you will see a window like this image. Here is written pause protection. Click on that pause protection.


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After clicking on pause protection, you will see a window like this. You will see there are three options of pause protection.

disable-kaspersky-total security

1. Pause for….

With disable for click you can mention the time for how many minutes or for how many hours you want to pause or disable Kaspersky?

2. Pause for until application restart

If you select this then your computer will be Kaspersky security paused till restart.


3. Pause

If you select Pause then it will continue till you do the unpausing. You can select any one of the three, after selecting you can see below pause protection. Click here for pause protection. After clicking on pause protection, you will see that Kaspersky Internet Security has turned red color and will show a red cross. This way you can keep Kaspersky Internet Security pause or disable temporarily.

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Disabling Kaspersky secure connection temporarily on Windows 10 is relatively simple, and can be done in just a few steps. First, open the Kaspersky application and navigate to the ‘Settings’ page. From there, choose ‘Network Protection’ and toggle off the ‘Secure Connection’ feature. To prevent any disruptions in your connection, you may also want to reset your network settings in order to fully disable this feature.



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