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Google Docs Voice To Text || Google Docs Voice Typing

Friends, today we will learn details of Google docs voice to text and how to google docs voice typing free download for pc. What you say in your mouth will be typed in any language. You don’t have to type with your keyboard and you can type very fast in a short time. If you can’t type with keyboard then we can do typing with the voice typing option of Google Docs. Google Docs is making voice typing a big advantage for us in typing.

We know that Google Docs is an online base word processor that will help you create documents and store documents. You can share your document with your team and others can edit this document. There are many more features. So let’s find out how you can do voice typing with Google Docs I’ll show you step-by-step.

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Voice Typing in Google Docs Process?

1. To use Google Docs you must have a Gmail and login with this Gmail. I assume you are logged in with Gmail.

2. After logging in to your Gmail, you will see your Gmail profile with nine dot symbols, click here, you can see in the picture below. Now you will see a little bit below the “Docs” text you will click on the docs.

Google docs

3. Now you will see a text like “Start a new document” coming up. Below that you will see “Blank”. Click on that Blank.


4. After clicking on the blank, you will see an interface like this (as you can see in the picture below). Absolutely nothing is written here.


5. For voice typing you can see at the top there is an option called “Tools” that you will click on, after clicking on the tools you will see a little below it is written voice typing that “voice typing” you click in here.


6. After clicking on the voice typing you will see a small microphone logo in the middle on the left and below it is click to speak. Clicking on this microphone will type whatever you say in your mouth.


7. Before clicking on the microphone, you must select the language in which you want to type. You can see the text above the microphone to select the language “English US”. By default English US will be written. You need “English US”. To select your language. Click here then select your language. I assume you have selected the language.


8. Now you click on the microphone. Click on the microphone now google docs voice recording and you will see that what you are saying is being typed.


9. When typed, the microphone image will be reddish and enlarged like you can see the image above. Click on that microphone again to stop your microphone. You will see that when the microphone stops, it will not be typing when you speak. Then by clicking again you will be able to do voice typing.

10. Everybody can google docs voice typing free download. After typing your document, now how do you save this document? To save the document you can copy the full document and paste it to Microsoft Word or click on the file and then go to “Download”.  By clicking on download you will see many options coming here Microsoft Word, PDF, text, many more options you will see here. The way you want to download you can download your document to your computer by clicking here.


This way you can do voice typing very easily If you can’t type with a keyboard then Google Voice Typing is a great way to type fast and easily.

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