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How to transfer plex to another computer- step-by-step guide

Learn how to transfer Plex to another computer effortlessly. Our simple, step-by-step guide makes it easy for everyone. This post will take you on a thrilling trip through the realm of digital file migration and provide you with easy-to-follow instructions that will turn moving your cherished Plex server into an adventure rather than a chore. We understand that your movies, music or TV shows collection is precious; hence our aim is to ensure they safely reach their new home – your shiny new computer! So sit tight as we lift off into this tech exploration.

What is plex?

Plex is your personal digital playground that seamlessly blends countless entertainment sources into one riveting interface. Let’s think of Plex as a master juggler, balancing all your audiovisual content including – movies, TV shows, personal videos and even music from multiple devices in perfect harmony. This savvy software not just organizes your media files but also enhances its appearance with descriptions, plot summaries, posters and album covers.

But it’s not just about good looks; Plex plays the unflinching white knight guarding your precious data. Easy yet secure access anytime from virtually anywhere—be it through computer, smartphones or smart TV—is the secret ingredient behind this software’s gaining popularity. With capabilities that extend to VR and car integration using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, Plex provides a streamlined multimedia experience for users across different platforms.

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How to transfer plex to another computer?

How to transfer plex to another computer we are give below step by step process in below. Read this process carefully and implement.

1. **Backup your data**: Find your Plex Media Server Data Directory. This contains all the information about media, metadata, etc. 

  – Windows: `%LOCALAPPDATA%/Plex Media Server/`

  – macOS: `~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/`

  – Linux: `$PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/`

2. **Create a backup**: Simply copy that directory and all its content into a safe place, like an external hard drive.

3. **Set up new device**: Install Plex on your new computer. After installation don’t launch it immediately as this will create new server data.

4. **Restore Backup**: Replace the newly created server data with your backup:

  – Locate the corresponding locations on the new machine (same as folder path mentioned above).

  – Copy all of your old Plex Files from your backup and paste them at this location.

5. **Check Access Rights**: Verify that the server files are accessible by user running Plex Service otherwise correct permissions.

6. **Start Plex**: Now Launch the Plex application on your new computer.

You have successfully transferred Plex to another computer! Sign in using the same credentials to see all of your previously added media exactly how you left it on old machine.

Remember to disable or uninstall the server on your old computer to avoid any confusion to client devices.



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