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How To View Saved Reels On Facebook? TechOnline

How to view saved reels on Facebook? Or how to watch saved reels on Facebook? You will get the answer of these types of question in here. In recent years, Facebook has become a major source of entertainment for users. One of the new features on Facebook that is gaining traction is Reels—a short-form video sharing platform similar to TikTok. If you’ve been creating Reels but don’t know how to view them again, you don’t have to worry—in this article, we will show you exactly how to see your saved Reels on Facebook.

What are Reels on Facebook?

Reels on Facebook are a form of user-generated content (UGC) which enables users to create, edit and share short 15-second video clips with their followers. The feature is based on a similar platform introduced by Instagram in August 2020, where users can publish videos publicly or via direct messaging. The content is predominantly music-focused, with users able to search for songs from an extensive library, add visual effects and create customized audio mixes.

What are Benefits Reels?

Facebook Reels present a unique opportunity for modern businesses to leverage the power of social media marketing. Specifically, Reels offers companies the ability to engage users through the incorporation of short-form video content, thereby allowing brands to effectively communicate their message while developing an engaging dialogue with target audiences. Furthermore, this form of content creation can be used as an effective tool for cultivating customer loyalty and increasing brand visibility.

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How to view saved reels on Facebook

If you’re looking for ways to view saved Reels on Facebook, the process is fairly simple. First, open up your Facebook app and navigate to your profile page. From there, click on the “Reels” tab located near the top of your screen. Here, you’ll be able to see all of the content that you’ve saved Reels.

To find your recently watched Reels on Facebook, simply go back to your profile page and click on the three dots located in the upper-right corner of your screen. From there, select “Activity Log” and then choose “Videos You’ve Watched.” Here you can scroll through all of the videos that you’ve recently watched including any Reels that caught your eye.

Benefits of Saving Reels

But why should you save reels? There are several benefits to doing so. Firstly, it allows you to easily access videos and content that has caught your eye and may be helpful or entertaining for future reference. Secondly, saving reels also helps with increasing engagement with other users by sharing their posts or commenting on them.

Moreover, if you’re a business owner, saving relevant reels could be beneficial in terms of market research and studying consumer trends. This way, you can gather inspiration for creating content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic towards your page. Ultimately, saving reels on Facebook can provide multiple benefits for both personal and professional use.

Pros and Cons of Reels


  • 1. Reels on Facebook provide an easy and creative way to share short videos with friends.
  • 2. Reels can be used to create fun, engaging content for brands and businesses.
  • 3. People are able to easily discover new trends and content through reels.
  • 4. Reels can help increase the reach of users’ posts and followers’ engagement.
  • 5. It is a great platform for promoting existing products or launching new ones.


  • 1. Many businesses may find it difficult to keep up with all the latest trends on the platform since reels update regularly.
  • 2. People may find it difficult to stand out from the crowd due to the sheer amount of content being shared daily on reels.
  • 3. The visibility of posts can be difficult to predict, as some posts may go viral while others might not get noticed at all by people following them.
  • 4. Algorithms on reels may favor videos, making them more likely to be seen and shared.
  • 5. It is possible to set up a reels without spending a dime and without any prior knowledge of how it works.


In conclusion, viewing saved reels on Facebook can be an easy and efficient way to keep track of your favorite posts and videos. It’s a great tool for saving content that you want to return to later, and you can even share your saved reels with friends. All it takes is a few simple steps to get started. To view your saved reels, first open the Facebook app. Then, from the bottom menu select Reels, go to your profile page and tap the Saved tab.



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