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How To Write Account Payee Cheque? Explain In Details

Today we will know how to write account payee cheque when you give an account payee cheque to a person. It’s also called cross cheque. If you read this article carefully then you will understand how to write an account payee only cheque when you give an account payee cheque to a person.

What is Account Payee Cheque?

Account Payee Cheque is a financial instrument that enables the transfer of funds from one account holder to another. This type of cheque is typically issued for the purpose of facilitating payments between individuals or businesses. It is distinct from other types of cheques due to its specific features, which include the designation of the payee as well as endorsement by both the issuer and recipient.

What to Write after “Pay To”

We know that every cheque you have to write includes common tasks like the date, amount in words, amount in numbers, and signature, but with an account pay cheque you have to do some extra work. I will discuss this clearly here.

The first thing that comes to mind is what you write after “PAY TO”. When we give a cash cheque, we write cash after the PAY TO and when we withdraw money from our own account, we write the shelf after the PAY TO. But when we give an account payee cheque to a person, you will write the name of the person to whom you are going to give the cheque.

Remember to write the name of the person in the same way as the name in the national identity card. Because if you make a mistake while writing the name, the cheque will be canceled. With this cheque money cannot be cleared or account to account cannot be transferred. We know that account payee cheque is account to account transferable, will not be cashed with that cheque.

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Write date and Amount

Then let’s write the number in place of the number box how much money you are going to withdraw. Write the number clearly, give a tall pull next to it as well as give two equal symbols, in the same way give two equal symbols on the front side. So that no one can cheat, no one gets a chance to write anything on either side of the number. Then you write the words clearly matching with the numbers. In the date box you will write the date specifying the date on which you are going to pay the cheque.

How and where to write “Account Payee Only”


Now let us know the important thing about account payee cheque. In the case of account payee cheque, put two long marks on the top left of your cheque and then write the inside of this mark A/P or A/P ONLY or ACCOUNY PAYEE ONLY any of them. Otherwise not accepted as account payee cheque.

Give a Signature

Then in the signature section below you will give the signature, remember here you will give the signature that is the signature that you gave to the bank when you opened the bank account.

Mistake in Account Payee cheque


There will be problem if you make a mistake in the word while writing the name, there will be no clearing but if you make spelling mistake in account payee cheque then there will be no problem.

For example, the correct name is “Kamrul Hasan Joy”. Now if you write Kamrul Hasan but do not write Joy, then your check will not be clearing. Because you made a mistake in word. On the other hand, if you go to write Kamrol Hasan Joy and put O in place of U, then there is no problem because it is a spelling mistake. I hope you understand.


Writing an account payee cheque does not need to be complicated. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily write a secure and reliable cheque for your needs. Remember to double check all information written on the cheque before signing it and handing it over, as any mistake may cause issues down the line. If ever in doubt about how to write an account payee cheque, consider consulting with a financial professional for advice.

I hope you understand how to write an account payee cheque when you give it to someone. If you have any comment, you can let us know in the comments section. Thanks for staying with us.

Can I deposit account payee cheque in any bank?

It is possible to deposit an account payee cheque in any bank, as long as the issuing institution is one that is recognized by the bank. Upon receipt of the cheque, a financial officer will complete a series of verifications and authentication procedures to ensure that both the depositor and payee have met all relevant regulatory requirements. This may include scrutinizing signatures, verifying personal identification or conducting a credit check.

Can I cash a c payee only cheque

It is possible to cash a cheque that has been made out to a specific individual, known as a payee-only cheque. This type of cheque must be cashed by the designated recipient, whose name appears on the document in order for it to be honoured. The payee-only cheque cannot be endorsed and cashed by anyone other than the intended recipient due to legal and financial implications.

Account payee cheque vs crossed cheque, Explain

An account payee cheque is a negotiable instrument in which the payment is made to a specific individual or company who is the beneficiary of the cheque. The funds are transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account, thus providing an additional layer of security. In contrast, a crossed cheque is one in which two parallel lines are drawn across its face.



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